As you may already know, research shows that people who work regularly live longer, healthier lives and spend less money on healthcare than those who do not work. Despite this health fact, many people who are already receiving healthcare and financial benefits from programs like Social Security and Medicaid are worried that they may lose this assistance if they begin working. The truth is that everyone who wants to work, regardless of what benefits they receive, will gain financially by attaining employment. Most of the time, the key is determining how much a person is able to work before losing a benefit.

So how can you estimate what your benefits might look like after finding employment? Thankfully, the state of Ohio has created a website called “Disability Benefits 101.” This website has a ‘benefits calculator’ that will help you determine how little your benefits may be impacted when deciding to work. All you will need is your bank statement, amount of Social Security benefits, and up to 30 minutes to put in the information. You can use this site without having to identify yourself so your personal information will not be shared. You can find the website at:


If you don’t have access to the internet or would like assistance with this process, please contact your Service and Support Administrator or Jeff Coaty for help. With great programs such as Medicaid Buy-In and Ohio’s Stable Account, people are finding greater financial independence now more than ever! Please contact us so we can help you find your path to employment.